Central Pennsylvania ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS

Matt is a licensed Acupuncturist offering effective and affordable acupuncture treatment in a relaxing healing space. His practice is located at 137 Butternut St. Pine Grove Mills, PA near State College. Sessions are by appointment and are personalized to your individual need. 

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By phone. (814) 502-8756
By email. mattbeigle@gmail.com
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My first few treatments had a profound impact on my life. I get treatment pretty regularly now, and look forward to the lasting clarity and peaceful sense of wellbeing felt afterwards.
— Foodie G (yelp.com)
My back acted up intensely last summer and treatments with Matt are why I was able to comfortably walk again.
— Angie H (yelp.com)
I tried a random place in CC...the experience was ok, but not enough to keep me going back. I thank my West Philly stars that I found Matt! …he is calm, reassuring, and knowledgeable about what he is doing.
— Emily M (yelp.com)


Learn about the healing properties of Acupuncture which has been used for thousands of years to create and sustain personal health.

Yoga instruction

Find stress reduction through mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation and conscious breathing techniques that reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost morale.  

Herbal Medicine

Get herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations tailored specifically for you. We will consider your personal constitution, the energetics of plants and the health issue at hand.