Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years and is now more popular than ever.  Today, millions find that it is an effective tool to create and sustain health in your personal life and community.  Each individual and their symptoms are a unique and interrelated whole.  


Herbal Medicine

Foods and Herbs have long been used to aid the body's tremendous healing capacity.  Every person is unique. For this reason herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are always tailored specifically for you.  We will consider your personal constitution, the energetics of plants and the health issue at hand.


Corporate Yoga/ TriYoga

Wellness programs are the most productive return on investment for most companies.  Stress reduction through mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation and conscious breathing techniques reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost morale.  They can play a major role in the prevention and transformation of employees' most expensive health issues. 

Matt is a compassionate and competent healer. He has an excellent way of putting things in perspective. I stated receiving acupuncture from Matt about a year ago, after deciding I wanted to bring wellness into focus in my day to day. My first few treatments had a profound impact on my life. I get treatment pretty regularly now, and look forward to the lasting clarity and peaceful sense of wellbeing felt afterwards. Matt is one of the most empowering practitioners I have ever met. His pragmatic coaching during each session has taught me to become more aware of my body. I no longer experience the headaches and dreadful digestion issues I had a year ago. When ills do crop up I usually call Matt first, he is super accommodating, and always makes time for me. I walk out of every treatment feeling better mentally, physically, and spiritually. I would certainly recommend Matt to my friends, family, and any yelper reading this post.
— Foodie G (
I’ve received acupuncture treatment from sever different professionals, but my experiences with Matt were THEE BEST! He takes the time to talk to you and really analyzes what’s going on in your life - diet, stressors, habits - to get a clear idea of how to affect positive overall change.

My back acted up intensely last summer and treatments with Matt are why I was able to comfortably walk again.
— Angie H (
I would consider myself a “seasoned pin cushion”; I used to go to weekly accupuncture sessions in Denver and was borderline an addict to my 7th day needle-ing. I mention this because upon moving to Philly I had very high expectations about who I would find to put me into the state of bliss that only accupuncture seems to accomplish. I tried a random place in CC...the experience was ok, but not enough to keep me going back.

I thank my West Philly stars that I found Matt! I appreciate the way he means it when he asks how I am doing, and I love the way he uses this information to be inspired for the best treatment possible. He is responsive to feedback about the treatments and observant about how they feel. I can imagine he would be great with people new to accupuncture as he is calm, reassuring, and knowledgeable about what he is doing.

If you have wanted to try accupuncture but have always made up excuses, STOP! Go see Matt. Wait a week, repeat.
— Emily M (