Gua Sha Treatments


Gua Sha – what is it?

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese technique for healing, and many conditions can benefit from its application. It is a natural alternative treatment where the skin is scraped in downward strokes with a massage tool to promote improved circulation. 

What does Gua Sha do for the body?

Gua sha is a healing technique intended to eliminate stagnant energy in the body and bring down inflammation – which is often the root cause of health conditions like chronic pain. Scraping the surface of the skin in patterned strokes can help to break up stagnant energy, which in turn reduces the inflammation and speeds up the healing process.  Indeed, qua sha has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety – nervousness, tension and anxiety can all be reduced through gua sha.

  • Fatigue – gua sha can revitalize and energize the body and mind.

  • Pain Control -- muscle pain and tension, chronic pain conditions, headache or migraine, neuromuscular pain conditions, and more pain types can be more easily managed through gua sha.

  • Insomnia – have problems sleeping? Gua sha, used in conjunction with acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs, is a recipe for a consistent good night’s sleep.

  • Women’s Issues – this would include problems like swollen and painful breasts, painful menstruation, perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes, as well as other symptoms and conditions.

Studies have even shown that a regular gua sha treatment regimen for patients with conditions such as Tourette Syndrome can produce considerable relief.

What is a gua sha treatment session like?

In a gua sha treatment session, Matt will scrape your skin with varying techniques, either short or long strokes, to stimulate the tissues and improve microcirculation.  The strokes are made with a gua massage tool which has a smooth, dull edge. Oil is directly applied to the skin so that the gua massage tool can be used repeatedly without hurting you.  In fact, many describe the gua sha treatments as feeling warm, pleasant and generally relaxing.  

Are you interested in trying gua sha?  

Matt Beigle can offer you gua sha treatments in a very relaxing healing space.  Often times, Matt will recommend gua sha as an adjunct treatment to a planned acupuncture regimen.  Call Matt today to set up an initial consult!  You’ll have ample opportunity to address any questions and concerns you may have regarding gua sha treatment, acupuncture, and other health and well-being services with a consummate pro.