Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy near State College, PA

Cupping therapy dates back to ancient times and was used frequently by the Egyptians, certain Middle Eastern cultures, and of course the Chinese to treat a variety of health conditions.  Cupping has traditionally been used to treat acute and chronic pain, muscle spasms and injuries, persistent tension, inflammation, and other ailments.  The cups themselves create a vacuum suction effect against the skin.  Cups can be made of wood or bamboo, silicone, glass or even stone.

How are the cups applied, and for how long?

In cupping therapy, the cups are placed directly on the body at specific treatment locations. The vacuum inside the cups can be created a couple of different ways, but primarily you are either using heat to create a suction effect (which happens as the cup cools) or a simple, hand-operated vacuum pump is equally effective.  Cups are typically applied for 5 to 10 minutes but the time of application can vary.  Just as in acupuncture, cupping takes advantage of the five meridian lines that run the length of your back.  Cups are usually placed along these lines, but cups can be used in many locations, to include the hands, arms, legs, etc.

What does cupping therapy actually do?

Cupping therapy allows for the stretching and opening of the muscle tissue -- blood flow is increased and tension is released wherever the cups are applied.  The suction effect of the cups also allows your cells to release the toxins within, allowing them to drain into the lymphatic system where they can be filtered.    

Can cupping therapy help you?

Cupping therapy has the potential to help align your qi by opening the meridian channels and thus allowing qi, or life force, to flow free from obstruction.  Cupping is an excellent form of deep tissue therapy, which is thought to affect tissues up to three or four inches deep.  If you suffer with pain, tension, inflammation, or any of a number of conditions then know that cupping could be a helpful adjunct to acupuncture treatment.  Call Matt and schedule a consultation for health and wellness and he will go over all the options with you – including whether cupping should be given consideration in your unique circumstance.