Corporate Wellness and Yoga Programs

Wellness programs provide strong roi for most companies

Stress reduction through mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation and conscious breathing techniques reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost morale.  They can play a major role in the prevention and transformation of employees' most expensive health issues. 

Corporate wellness classes and events are easy to implement.  They can be done during lunch periods, before or after work and as special events.  Yoga classes are tailored to your company's specific interests.

Bring a Free Lunch and Learn Health Event to the Workplace

Yoga Lunch and Learn:  This program will provide your employees with tools that they can immediately use to reduce stress, relieve pain and create well-being at their desks.  Classes can be designed around both chair yoga and yoga involving mats and props.  Here you will learn of the many pracitcal, real-time benefits that yoga can bring to the worlplace.

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Chinese/Integrative Medicine Lunch and Learn:  This program discusses the many benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  It can also include a relaxing and detoxifying complementary treatment for those who attend.  This treatment uses sterile, single use, hair thin needles that are pain free and entirely safe.  

Company Benefits

Reduces Health Care Costs
Increases Profits
Decreases Employee Conflicts
Motivates Employees to work to their highest potential

Employee Physical Benefits

Improves Strength & Flexibility
Increases Energy
Helps Carpal Tunnel Pain
Reduces Back and Neck pain
Reduces Headaches
Promotes Weight Loss
Boosts Immune System

Employee Mental Benefits

Increases Creativity and Focus
Decreases Stress, Enhances Clarity
Improves Overall Performance
Improves Communication Skills
Promotes Overall Sense of Well-Being
Cultivates Leadership and Teamwork


Beginners Yoga

Yoga for Stress Reduction

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Increased Energy and Awareness

Yoga to Boost Your Immune System

Yoga Postures to Do at Your Desk


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